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West Orlando Pediatrics is proud to support local schools, businesses and organizations in our community.  Dr. Yarckin donated an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to Windermere Elementary School.  We believe that every second counts when a person is in cardiac arrest.  Having an AED present can help to save lives!  For more information, visit 
Dr. Yarckin and the patients of West Orlando Pediatrics donated games, movies, toys and books to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children to be used in the playrooms of the hospital. 
West Orlando Pediatrics is pleased to partner with the teachers and PTA of Windermere Elementary School to assist with their Accelerated Reader Program.  Dr. Yarckin’s staff has donated their time as well as prizes to assist this program.
Community Means Everything

West Orlando Pediatrics is a proud sponsor for the 5K Run for The Gift since 2011. Run for the Gift provides swimming lessons for families that may otherwise not be able to afford them. The gift of swimming is more than a leisure, it can be life saving.
Additionally, our office has proudly supported the children of Windermere Little League for several years.
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